The Pink Party recap!


Tisha, Me and Serena(my dear friend) at The Pink Party!

Yes, I did it you guys! I hosted the pink party at the Georgia World Conference Center! I was so honored to be asked to host and Im glad you guys came out to see all the wonderful acts. Can you believe Im hoarse today? I talked so much that now Im around the house whispering lol. The acts that performed  were awesome. I met so many talented people,artists,dancers,gospel singers and more!


Linda Taylor owner of Accessories Plus

The vendors that came out too had some great items for sell. I wore a fab rhinestone chain designed by Ksivart. Jamie Foster from Sister to Sister loved it so much she bought one too lol. Other vendors that were there were: Accessories Plus,Divine Styles,Pink Barrette,Lady Songbird the Clown,Comforting Covers,5Linx,Garden of Eden, Mocha Products,T’s Tique, Inspr’d Boutique,Braids by Kimiko, LadyLinedesigns,Crystal Springs, AJC newspaper, and more!


Wearing K’sivart


The Craig Lewis Band

Here are a list of some of the performers: The Craig Lewis Band, Shades of Pink, I A Chord, JaBazz, OMG Girls, Dymond Cruz, Cymia, Men Against Breast Cancer,William Murphy, Ray Lavender, BJaye, Shawn Kane, IFY, Fam Famil, Lasha V, Ka’Hryn, Comai,TNB, and Fantasia.


Cymia performing

I’m going to keep it short because I want you guys to view the pics but this event was very dear to me because my friend is dealing with this disease. Breast cancer is no joke and I’m glad that I was able to participate at this event.


Shades of Pink

A portion of the proceeds for the Pink Party went to breast cancer research, which is very important. Sophia Williams(owner of T&S shoes) put on a very nice event. She said she has an aunt who had breast cancer and alot of her customers so she wanted to do something to give back. Shout outs to Isadora Belle from Reigning Events for thinking of me to host the Pink Party too!


OMG Girls

Eva Pigford looked fabulous and I loved her shoes. I also never seen Fantasia perform in concert and I was blown away by her stage presence omg! She did an amazing job and was full of energy! She shut it down! I also got a chance to hug Kandis Buruss who came out to support Fantasia. Fantasia dedicated the song Purple Rain to her.



I presented Fantasia,Eva Pigford and Kandis with a Pink Ribbon Lolita’s Wine glass, they loved it. Enjoy the pics below and thanks again everyone who attended too like Joe Gutta,Gary Smith, Sunny Lisa Cunnigham! And a special thanks to Michael Daniel( for taking pics of me, Eva and Fantasia. All other pics are from my manager Kristie Godeau,Friend Tisha Deshields and me.


Eva Pigford and I

Here is a video clip,sorry I got a lil carried away with camera lol

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