The Real 1000th Episode: Ellen DeGeneres Makes a Special Appearance!

On Monday, Feb. 17, it’s The Real’s 1000th episode and Ellen DeGeneres makes a very special appearance to help the ladies celebrate! Check out the video clip inside, l absolutely LOVE Ellen she is so positive and funny omg! She stops by to reminisce about her own 1000th episode and the special guest she welcomed, and reminds everyone why The Real’s representation of powerful, strong women is so important. 

Ellen DeGeneres Stops By To Help The Real Celebrate Its 1000th Episode

Loni Love: Oh my god, it’s Ellen DeGeneres!

Adrienne Houghton: Amazing.

Loni: Ok! Well, since you’re here and this our 1000th episode, Ellen…

Ellen DeGeneres: Yes!

Loni: What did you do when you had your 1000th episode? I mean, I know that was a long time ago.

Ellen: Let me think back! Um, I had Oprah on my 1000th episode, but [points to herself and the hosts] same! I’m here, so…

Loni: Ok!

Tamera Mowry-Housley: Yay!

Adrienne: So major!

Jeannie Mai: Same, same!

Amanda Seales: Same!

Adrienne: Is there any advice on like, how to make it to the next 1000th episode?

Ellen: You know what you do, you keep it real!

Ellen: You know, I just think it’s really important, as y’all know, and that’s why you have the group that you have, that everyone on television is represented.

Adrienne: Represented.

Ellen: Everyone needs to see somebody

Ellen: …that they go, “That’s me.” Because for a long time I didn’t see anybody like me on TV. And that made me scared, it makes, you know, the parents scared, it makes everybody scared and they judge what they don’t know. And the fact that there’s an eclectic group of women – powerful, strong, opinionated women – that is a representative that we need.

Adrienne: Thank you so much!

Photo Credit: Robert Voets/Warner Bros. Television

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