THE REAL: All New! Amanda Is A Clapback Queen And Tamera Gets Tips On How To Be More “Street Smart”

On Friday, April 3, on an all-new The Real, the hosts celebrate Fri-Yay and talk about the frustration of coming up with delayed witty retorts to social media trolls’ negative comments. Co-host Amanda Seales calls herself a “Clapback Queen” and explains her method of dealing with haters.

Then, how do you feel when someone that you text leaves your message on “Read”? Co-host Adrienne Houghton admits to being guilty of doing that to others and has committed to being more responsive when her friends text her.

Later, the ladies discuss some of the unconventional skills that they have learned from the streets during their youth. Co-host Tamera Mowry-Housley is given tips by her co-hosts on ways of being more “street smart.”

Amanda Is A Clapback Queen

Loni Love: If it’s a clapback online– I don’t care if I post it and I think about something, I will go back, delete my post and put the one I want.

Adrienne Houghton: Loni, remember the time I told you somebody actually came at me @TheRealDaytime page and they were like, this– she should not be calling any “women” “stupid”. But. She spelled “woman…”

The Real Hosts: “Women.”

Adrienne: And then I clapped back and I was like, “It’s woman.” I corrected her and it was a really good clapback. It was, like, duh dun dun. And, yo, then they delete their comments! They get clapped-back real good, then they delete it!

Adrienne: And then I was mad that my good comeback got deleted altogether!

Loni: (Laughs)

Amanda Seales: Which is why I screenshot all of my powerful comebacks and out it in my Insta-story.

Jeannie Mai: That’s good.

Adrienne: Brilliant.

Amanda: I consider myself a clapback queen of sorts. Um, because, people come at me (sings) “Crazy”. And, so, I have a lot of practice in, like, coming back with a retort. But, the key to a clapback is really just taking emotion out of the response and, also, looking for information that comes into the clapback that they cannot argue with. So, it’s great to look at people’s bios after they said something wild to you and then you look at their bio and it says, “Child of God”.

Amanda: And you clapback and you’re like, “That wasn’t a very Christian comment to leave me.”


Pics by Robert Voets/Warner Bros. Television

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