‘The Real Housewives Of New York City’ Stop By Sherri

On today’s episode of SHERRI, talk show host Sherri Shepherd welcomes Jessel Taan, Brynn Whitfield and Ubah Hassan from The Real Housewives of New  York. See what the girls had to say inside and a video clip….



Sherri: I love seeing all of you – Ubah and Brynn and Jessel … Fans are loving this season of the Housewives … It’s the first time  on this reality show journey. Is it everything you expected?

Jessell: … I mean yes and no. I think that you can never really go into this knowing what it is going to be. I think we were just being ourselves and here we are.

Ubah: I just took a job.

Sherri: …And you had no idea it was going to lead to all of this.

Ubah: I’m very grateful. I’ve got so many sisters.

Sherri: And what about you, Miss Brynn?

Brynn: I’m just relieved. In the Bravo world, the fans can make you or break you. And thankfully, they have accepted us and embraced us so amazingly. It’s a relief. A huge relief.



Sherri: I love this because Brynn, you are bi-racial. Jessel, you’re Indian. Ubah, you’re Somalian. I feel like finally, finally, the Real Housewives got it right with NY … Are you guys glad that they’re highlighting  diversity?

Jessel: It’s one of the biggest reasons why I opted in. Because NY is such a multicultural, diverse … there is so much complexity to the city. And we have such diverse and rich backgrounds. Why not show that?

Sherri: That’s it. That’s it. Ubah, what do you think?

Ubah: I’m telling you guys. I’m just grateful to have a job …

Sherri: We’re so grateful that we’re working but you’re inspiring other women. Has that settled in on you?

Ubah: I think I’m like you. I’m just so grateful to have work and get opportunity and I never look at color or any of that. But the older I am getting, the more I am seeing the difference of things.  It’s nice to see people love my braids or my hair. I usually never look that way but yeah, they got it right this time.

Sherri: Brynn, what do you think?

Brynn: I just think that the show is reflective of New York City. It’s the  most vibrant city in the world. We are all  vibrant and diverse and it is just a reflection of that/ So yes, kudos to us. Every person in NY is represented by us. It’s an honor. I feel like I should work for the mayor’s office.



Sherri: You’re the fun flirty one on the show. Are you crushing on Jenna Lyons? Because it looks like you are.

Brynn: So the crazy thing is … Jenna is very shy. She’s introverted and very quiet and shy. I was  always the kind of kid in school that was the class clown. So I love making people  blush. I love making Jenna blush. So it kinda all started as I just want to keep making you blush and she gets all skittish. But now that I’m watching it  back … I’m seeing her Instagram, she’s in France hanging out with Usher and I’m like, did I miss the boat? She’s cute. She has got  the house, the house in the hamptons. She’s got everything I want. I’m 37 … you know what I’m saying?

Beggars can’t be  choosers. I don’t care about what’s downstairs in your pants. I care about your wallet and that wallet’s thick, honey. Jenna? [Brynn winks] … If she gets single, watch out. I’m in the dms. Jenna is a catch



Sherri: The reunion is coming. Ubah, what can we expect from this reunion?

Ubah: … it was literally a therapy of like 8 hours … It really was. It was our first reunion. We didn’t know what we were doing. It was fashion week. We were all booked and busy.

Brynn: So, we fought and cried a lot.

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