The Real Welcomes Back Meagan Good With Fri-Yay Festivities

On Friday, Sept. 21st, the ladies of The Real celebrate Fri-Yay! by heading to the kitchen, breaking out the cocktails and dishing over Girl Chat! Dating younger men, America’s controversial food preferences, and high school bullying are just some of the juicy topics being debated over hosts-prepared snacks and spirits.

Is Love in the air for Loni?  The co-hosts put her in the hot seat about her personal life after seeing a new man’s photo on her Instagram account.

And actress/director, Meagan Good returns to The Real to divulge behind-the-scenes secrets and challenges she faced directing co-host Adrienne Houghton and her husband Israel’s music video for “Secrets” and filming the continuous-take indie, “A Girl. A Boy. A Dream.”

Meagan Good’s Movie is a One-Take Wonder!

Adrienne Houghton: So, your movie “A Boy. A Girl. A Dream.” I got to check it out at the premiere- It was such a great film. It was actually shot in one continuous take. So, what happens if somebody messes up like an hour into the shoot?

Meagan Good: You start over.

Loni Love: Really…

Adrienne: What?

Meagan: There were literally times when we’d get twenty minutes in, we’d have to start over.  We’d get thirty minutes in, we’d have to start over.  At one point were almost an hour into the film…

Adrienne: What?

Meagan: … and we had to start over. And its small things, you know. Someone not coming right in on their cue, or like the choreography of the scene, or whatever it is. Any little thing can throw it off.  And, so, we had to not only be willing to adjust, but, you know, if we had to start over, we had to start over.

Loni: Wow…

Tamera: Oh wow.

Adrienne: How, how long was the film in total? It’s almost like two hours, no?

Meagan: Yeah. Yeah.

Tamera: Whoa.

Adrienne: Or a little over two hours.

Meagan: Yeah.

Adrienne: So imagine shooting for two hours straight.

Meagan: Yeah.

Adrienne: Crazy.

Meagan: Yeah, it is.

Jeannie: What drove you to do it that way?

Meagan: Um, the challenge, you know. It was like this cool independent film and Omari came on board and my brother, Datari Turner, is one of the producers on it, I produced it, as well.  Qasim, who directed it- It’s just incredible- Samantha. SO, it was just like this is going to be a great project, and, um, it was the challenge of like memorizing the entire script at once… I’m used to memorizing…Y’all know, like, five to six pages…the next day.

Loni: Right.

Adrienne: Yeah.

Meagan: You know, memorizing.. it was about seventy pages long, the script was… and the other thirty, we actually had to make up. Because that was the room for… if anything went wrong, how do we adjust with our words? And just get back to what the scene is about and keep going.

Photos by Robert Voets/Warner Bros. Television

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  1. I saw A Boy. A Girl. A Dream last week. I enjoyed it. I knew it was an indie and appreciated the scenes but didn’t know why. Hmm now I look forward to seeing it again with this information in mind.

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