The Sexiest Ride I’ve Ever Driven The Lexus LC500h

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have fallen in LOVE! I had the opportunity to cruise around the city of Atlanta in grand style for a week! I broke down when they came to pick up this luxury coupe yesterday! Don’t you hate a tease? Yeah, that’s how I felt when they came to yank this car back from me lol. I drove the 2018 Lexus LC500h, it actually is a prototype and I even heard they are going to smash it once they do all that they need to do with it, my heart was crushed, why???

In the color “caviar” it rides so smooth, got me lots of looks and stares, people wanted to talk about it when I pulled up, the red interior is sexy, it drove and handled well on the street. Once on the freeway, you felt like you were floating. Oh yeah baby, this is the car to have after you are an empty nester, or you just want an second bonus car to have fun with! I loved the huge race tires in the rear of the car and the moonroof! It has neon lcd lights that glowed and you could hear it purring, so sexy! More details on this vehicle inside and thanks to Lexus for letting me try it out, it was such a blast, starting at 92,000! 

Experience a world-class prestige luxury coupe and a new era of uncompromising design and performance. An all-new platform, 471 horsepower* and a class-leading 10-speed automatic transmission come together to create our most responsive vehicle yet.

My son loved it and he’s pretty tall, although it’s a coupe, it still has lots of room and leg space

Loved the cockpit and red interior

Expressive Design

Engineering a car that stands apart is easy. Engineering a car that unites beauty with purpose is the first-ever LC.
Takumi Craftmanship
Hand-stitched features, hand-selected materials and an obsessive attention to detail come together to create the most expressive Lexus ever built.
The First-Ever Lexus Multistage Hybrid
Experience the breakthrough that recasts the entire concept of hybrid performance.
Independent, double-joint multilink with forged aluminum components, coil springs, linear-solenoid-actuated shock absorbers and adhesive-bonded stabilizer bar
Electronic Power Steering (EPS) system, 2.8 turns, lock to lock
Seamless Technology
Experience engineering so advanced, it moves us closer to driving pleasure in its purest form.
Driver Centric Cockpit
A class-leading driving position, magnesium paddle shifters, LFA-inspired digital performance gauges—every element is engineered to connect the driver to the drive like never before.
Lexus Enform
Our premium suite of connected technology merges convenience with concierge-level attention.
More info click here

Lots of trunk space, I put plenty of groceries and other things in here, pretty roomy!


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