The Women Of ‘Barbershop: The Next Cut’ Chat About Their Upcoming Film

barbershop the next cut

As I said before, I had an amazing time out in Beverly Hills, California attending the press screening and junket for the upcoming movie Barbershop: The Next Cut. I got a chance to sit down and chat with some of the ladies in the film and to my delight, on my list was Rapper Eve(Terri) and also Actress Regina Hall(Angie)! We talked about the wardrobe on set, their characters and so much more! Check out what the ladies had to say inside…


barbershop the next cut

It’s been 10 years since you appeared in the last movie. What made you want to come back?

Eve: I don’t really know but when I saw the script, I fell in love! Every woman can relate to trying to have it all and thats what my character Terri is dealing with. I also loved playing opposite of Common, I mean really! I do miss Michael Ealy but I was not mad when I heard it was going to be Common who would be replacing him lol.

Did you guys have any input on what you wore in the film? 

Eve: Yes we did. It had been 10 years, so ofcourse I wanted my character to have a more mature look. From the hair to the clothing, it was definitely a mutual conversation.

How did it feel coming in as a newbie?

Regina: When I read the script, I knew I was in! Everyone had a wonderful spirit and I had already worked with so many of the actors. Everyone was very welcoming. I also loved everyones work.

Was there anything fun that the fans might want to know?

Eve & Regina: Oh what was funny is that we did have to learn how to do hair weaves and more! They sent us to beauty school!

Eve: Yes, I think I would be a great hairstylist, I think I could do a full weave now lol!

What did you guys do in Atlanta in your spare time?

Eve & Regina: We went to Whole Foods a lot to eat! We both started out on a “no carb” diet but we failed miserably lol. We also went to this Jamaican restaurant that had some really good patties with a juice bar, we loved it.

barbershop the next cut

Barbershop: The Next Cut hits theaters April 15th!

barbershop the next cut

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