Tiffany & Co Heart & Arrow Pendant

If you have been an avid reader on my blog, what is one thing that you notice right away with me? That’s right, I am somewhat of a minimalist. You hardly ever see me wear accessories. I don’t even own a watch lol. I just find accessories to be very annoying and I hate the noise that they make. I know, I’m weird like that lol. I own one pair of diamond stud earrings and a thin diamond tennis bracelet and that’s pretty much it.

My boo surprised me on my birthday with a teal blue box from Tiffany & Co and I almost lost it! I had been eyeing a few necklaces on their website because he asked me what did I want for my birthday.  I really couldn’t think of anything else that I really wanted or needed. He reached out to my daughter and asked her if I owned any Tiffany & Co jewelry. She told him that she didn’t think so because I was not a big jewelry person.

I have never received a gift from Tiffany & Co and that made me feel very special. He wanted to buy me something that was meaningful and that I never had. I will never forget that. I like anything with hearts and loved this necklace that he surprised me with for my special day. I will cherish it forever, thanks boo! If you love this kind of necklace, more info inside and where you can find. have a great day! xoxo

Description & Details

Featuring Paloma Picasso’s own handwriting, this expressive collection was inspired by graffiti scrawled on New York buildings. Heart and arrow motifs merge to form this delicate design.

Tiffany & Co Heart & Arrow Pendant

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