Out For A Much Needed Drive!

With all that is going on in the world, I felt like going on a drive today! I needed to clear my mind because we are in some troubling times! Some may say, “sign of the times” for sure! I cried like a baby once I watched the footage of George Floyd get basically murdered in front of our eyes with witnesses standing right there! It was pretty hard to watch and swallow! I have a son and relatives that are male, that I care very deeply for! I pray every time my boyfriend leaves my sight because I just never know if it’s going to be the last time I will see him! It’s a shame that on top of EVERYTHING else that is going on in the world right now, we also have to worry on a daily basis about our loved ones ¬†returning home safe to us!

My son is a loner. All he do is stay in his room, play video games and may go to the store for me. I am in a panic just sending him to the store for me! He is a dark skinned, big guy and 6’3″ tall. Yes, he looks intimidating somewhat but he is the sweetest kid ever! People do not know that though if they just look at him. NEVER been in trouble and his teachers always had amazing things to say about him. He is my child, I birthed him, I cared for him, I watched him grow from a preemie to what he is now! I love my son and why am I scared for him?

This world is sometimes a sad place to be in and although I don’t post too much negative or drama things on my blog, this incident/murder that happened the other day has to STOP! It’s sad that we have to keep making hashtags off fallen black men who are most times unarmed too! Just look at the lady the other day calling police on an educated black male that so happened to be a bird watcher! Just because she didn’t want to leash her damn dog and trying to act like he was a threat to her life and her damn dog! She got what she deserved by losing her job and them taking away her dog, but in a few weeks it will be another incident! WHY is this happening?

What have we done that people feel so scared around us? I was at the grocery store the other day and I live in a predominately white area. This older white man moved so far away from me while I was coming down the aisle, like I was going to give him the Corona 19 virus! He made all this faces as he passed me with a look of disgust! Mind you I’m in full mask and gloves while he was wearing nothing lol. I ignored him because he don’t know any better.

He was old and I’m sure with the media plastering on the news daily that we are the highest carriers of the virus, he was just being a stereotypical older white person. I don’t blame him, I blame society/media for pushing their agendas and blowing things out of proportion! I pray that we find some peace, solace and we ALL can live together in this world. If we can’t live together in harmony, it will not do anything but get worse! I’m out for a long drive I have to clear my head. Have a blessed day!

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