Toning Up For The New Year With Fit Junkey, Let’s Get It!

So I told myself earlier this year that I was going to hit the gym hard, although it’s one of the hardest things and I hate working out lol. I loss about 65lbs a few years ago, now that I’ve maintained the weight loss, I want to tone up a bit more. Years ago, I used to stay in the gym, I was a cheerleader and then a fitness instructor when I was in college, so I definitely know how to work out but life hits yah and you just get lazy! I said this year, no more and I’m going to turn over a new leaf in life and get my butt back in shape! At fifty one years old, Im not getting any younger, so I have to take care of my health. I am also severely anemic so I get tired fast but I’ve been trying to eat more leafy vegetables, lots of salads and low carbs and lean meats.

That is what works best for me and my body type. I suggest you talk to your physician to find out what you would need to do to lose weight etc. I headed to Conyers, Ga today to workout with my girlfriend and fitness instructor Genae who owns Fit Junkey. She gave me some really good routines that I could do at home at my gym to help tone up my arms, legs and butt area. I also got a chance to workout with her class, it was tiring but so much fun! Check her out she is on social at FitJunkey if you have questions etc. More pics inside and thanks Genae and Sterling who owns Gym God Training, I had a great time today!

Me and Genae

Fitness routine I can do at home:

Light weights 4 sets of 12 or 15

Heavy weights 3 sets of 20

Band 4 sets of 20


Low Carbs

Leafy green vegetables

Lean meats


Gym owner, Sterling

Pose it up with the girls

Gym God Training

955 Green St SE

Conyers, Ga 30012


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