Toya Johnson’s ‘Give Your Friends Flowers’ Brunch

What a great time had when Reality Star and Entrepreneur Toya Johnson held a Give Your Friends Flowers brunch over the weekend! I always tell my girlfriends to get together often and enjoy each others company while you’re still here because you just never know. Especially with times like today, enjoy everyday, make it special and live like it’s your last day!

From the looks of all the pretty pics that Toya posted online, it was done very lovely and executed by Bella Decor Event Rentals and Florist Christopher Lauren. She also stated that everyone was pre-tested for Covid-19 prior to the event. All the flowers were so pretty and I loved the whole idea of this.  I’m glad to see that she really cares about her family and close friends. Enjoy the pictures and think of creative ways that you too can get together and fellowship. Stay blessed, safe and hug on your family and friends! More pictures inside…xoxo

Cheers to love and friendship!

Giving out roses, awh so sweet!

Loved the tablescape and decor!

Tiny, Toya and friends, love all the cute satin pajamas!

Love all the pretty fresh roses by florist Christopher Lauren

Toya and her mom

 Toya’s Judith Leiber french fries rainbow encrusted purse, cute!

Toya and bestie Daniel



Images by Aries G

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