Travel Essentials You Should Never Go On A Trip Without

Whether you planning a beach getaway or looking ahead to your next adventure, there’s nothing as fulfilling as seeing the sights of the world. However, before you head off to your dream destination, you must ensure that all of your essentials are safely packed in your carry-on. To help you sort out your checklist for when you next travel (hopefully soon!), here are some key essentials you should always have.


Efficient Packing Cubes

It goes without saying that packing in an organized fashion is a puzzle that travelers struggle to solve. And this is even trickier when you’re sorting out your carry-on, since both space and weight are limited in your suitcase. Thankfully, a range of packing cubes can help you properly pack, as these mini compartments organize your essentials while keeping them protected. Not to mention, the compartmentalization it provides will help you find what you’re looking for in no time.

A Handy Camera

Since today’s smartphone cameras are already really good, you might think that there’s no point in bringing a camera. Despite its portability, smartphones still lack many key features that are found in a trusty camera. From its low-light performance to lack of optical zoom lenses and the pesky screen glare, these drawbacks won’t help you capture the best parts of your trip. That said, there are plenty of different types of cameras for you to choose from, including professional DSLR cameras to more lightweight mirrorless models. For traveling, it’s best to bring a mirrorless camera because it’s lightweight, compact, and much quieter than other models. Plus, its low-light focusing ability makes it any to shoot at any time of the day.

A Portable Charger

But of course, your smartphone still plays a vital role in your travels. Whether it’s translating a foreign language, navigating unknown roads, or even connecting you with loved ones you miss back home, it helps lighten your load when traveling. Moreover, since you’ll heavily rely on Wi-Fi or data to use your apps during the trip, your phone will lose battery life at a faster rate. This is why you’ll need to pack a portable charger with you in order to extend your battery life any time and anywhere. Just be sure that it has at least 10 milliamps per hour, so your phone can be fully charged 2-3 times a day.


Though traveling is filled with endless wonder, there are some aspects that could weigh you down. Case in point: Your skin easily becomes dry when you’re flying due to the plane’s low humidity. And even when you aren’t flying, this is something important to consider if your destination has low levels of humidity as well. On that note, be sure to pack moisturizer in your carry-on to keep your skin hydrated. Aside from its healing power on your skin, there are many different ways of using your moisturizer in your beauty routine — from taming frizzy hair to keeping your nails healthy. Don’t forget to follow TSA rules by bringing one that’s 3.4 ounces or smaller and sealed in one plastic bag with your other carry-on beauty products.

While traveling is on hold for the moment that doesn’t mean we can’t start planning. We hope this checklist helps you on future ventures or at least gets you thinking about your next vacation.

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