One On One With Author Brencia Bienville

I had the pleasure of meeting a beautiful spirit by the name of Brencia Bienville. She was too excited to tell me about a new book that she wrote and I was very intrigued. She told me that she was inspired to write, The Light of My Shadows: 10 Habits to Shine From the Inside Out because she had experienced so many adversities in her life. Most of us all have a story and I commend her for sharing her story with us! In my interview with Brencia, she talks about integrating her Nurse hat to Author hat, challenges writing a book and so much more, check it out inside…

What inspired you to want to write your first book, The Light of My Shadows?

My inspiration for my first book The Light of My Shadows: 10 Habits to Shine From the Inside Out, was a derived from a collection of dark events that I had overcome from childhood, my teenage years, and years of marriage. After my divorce 2 years ago, I felt a strong desire to encourage and inspire other young ladies, women, and even men to seek strength from the only source that can provide our true light, while walking along dark paths. I felt that despite what we may endure in life, there is purpose in our pain, that leads the way to our why. Thus, the birth of my book was created as a reminder of the light that we each carry within us, that will always cast out any shadows we encounter.

You are also a licensed registered nurse. How was it transitioning from a nurse to become an Author?

Yes, I am a Masters prepared Registered Professional Nurse, currently working as a Clinical Quality Project Specialist. I am currently still employed in my role, and actually wrote my book as a side hobby on the weekends and at night. I attended a Les Brown business summit 2 years ago, and met a Canadian New York Times Best Selling author, Raymond Aaron. He has a publishing company and writing program in Canada that I enrolled in, where I was provided my very own book architect, graphic designer, and editor. I was able to write my book on my own, have my book published through 10-10-10 Publishing, and I own 100% rights to my book. I must say being a published author is exciting and also demanding, in a good way! I am becoming more in the know and connected to other authors, book enthusiasts, writers, and content creators. I am looking forward to learning more, and having my name next to the title of Best Selling Author!

Tell us what is the Love Sparkle?

The LOVE Sparkle is one of my favorite Shine techniques in the book! The LOVE Sparkle was birthed out of a lack of self-love that I neglected myself from at different points throughout my life. It is a 5-step practice that allows anyone to begin to manifest and practice a self-love in an everyday basis. It is so real, that the light that is generated will create a glow and a sparkle within you, that you will not want to relinquish. Once you are able to truly master loving yourself, others will know how to treat you by how you treat yourself.

Did you have any challenges along the way when putting your book together? How did you overcome those challenges?

Honestly, I can say that overall writing my book and publishing my book was uneventful! I wrote my book over the course of 2 years, guided by my writing coach. I did find myself going back over and over again reading, rewording, and reorganizing my manuscript. I am big on quality, and anyone who knows me knows that if I can’t do it right, then I’m not doing it at all lol! So I read my book about 7 or 8 times to ensure it was as perfect as I could get it before going to editing. A mistake is inevitable, so I still ended up with one typo, that many may or may not recognize.

Do tell us what is your next steps after now publishing your own self care/self help book.

My next steps now that my book has launched, is to market, market, market! I want to do book tours in other cities to expose my book, and to expand the footprints of my story and shine habits used to overcome the dark times I faced. I would also like to get my book into independent book stores, and put my plan and mission in forward motion towards my non-profit, and selling other products that Light of My Shadows, LLC (LOMS) will bring into it’s e-commerce store. The sky is not even the limit for LOMS! The future of my business is as bright as the sun!

About Brencia

Hi Shine-Seekers!! Born and raised in New Orleans, I experienced many gut-wrenching dark trials at an early age, some living me to escape with my life. But through faith and determination, my abundant life experiences have allowed me to navigate a life painted with a mixture of dark and light experiences. My dark experiences and valuable lessons learned have allowed me to write my first book, “The Light of My Shadows: 10 Habits to Shine from the Inside Out”.

I am a Master’s prepared Registered Professional Nurse, High School Hall of Fame Inductee, former Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader and Captain, Print Model, Professional Samba Dancer, Choreographer, and Author. I am an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., and I love to serve my surrounding communities.
I am humbly documented in my accomplishments, having been featured in numerous magazines and articles such as Ebony Magazine, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Bonheur Magazine, and Piedmont Clinic’s 2014 Value Report.

I currently reside in Atlanta, GA., where I enjoy fitness, dance, cooking, travel, and outdoor activities.

You can purchase the book in paperback and Kindle at and

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