Travel Light For Your Next Mini Break: 5 Tips For Your Weekend Packing


Hey guys, in a few days I will be headed on an extensive road trip. I am putting together a few clothing item selections that I can’t leave home without. By me traveling to three different cities, I’m sure the weather will be different in each place, so I had to really give a lot of thought into what to pack in my luggage.

I went over the itinerary and it calls for a lot of walking, tours, boat rides, brunches, dinner parties and I can go on. I had to really sit down and write out a list of things that I needed. I am one of those people that likes to travel light too.

I mainly wear a lot of care free clothing items, things that don’t wrinkle badly and usually items that are easy to get in and out of quickly. I absolutely love browsing and shopping at this fashion site Lyst for cute items. So today, I wanted to share with you 5 tips that I use when packing, and a few items that I plan on including, take a peek inside…

  • We have a lot of city tours on the trip, so that means a lot of walking. I love to be comfortable and this Reebok outfit is perfect! This look is pretty lightweight, cool and stylish. The crossfit sneakers will help save my feet with all the tours too. I can also drive in this two-piece outfit and be totally comfortable.

  • It’s always good to have a cute handbag that you can dress up or down. Look for something very diverse but trendy. I like this style Louis Vuitton Pallas BB Satchel because you can sling it across your body and be hands free.

  • You will always want to pack a pretty cocktail dress. I have tons of luncheons and dinner parties to attend on my trip, so this lace Dorothy Perkins┬ádress is perfect and it won’t wrinkle too bad in your luggage. It’s such a great tip to pack a lace dress because it’s less ironing when you are on the go!

  • You can not go wrong with a fabulous looking moto jacket! You can dress them up or down. I always pack one of these jackets because it might get cool or you simply just want to spruce up your look. Can be worn with jeans or a dress, it all depends on how you feel!

  • Sunglasses make or break your outfit! They are stylish yet functional and they are a key essential item for travel! For those groggy days or for driving, you definitely want to pack them in your bag. These Saint Laurent sunnies are perfect and can go with many looks.





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