First Time Doing Pilates And The Benefits Of It

Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of taking a beginners class at Club Pilates! I didn’t know what to expect but my daughter has been to a few classes and said she really enjoyed it! I have done Yoga before and really enjoyed that but Pilates is a bit different. I always wanted to give it a try and to help build my strength and to get my body back in shape.

Things you will need for the class are a water bottle, grip socks and a towel. Try to also wear something really comfortable! I wore a Kofit Apparel jumpsuit that was perfect for all the stretching and bending I was doing.

Pilates offers various benefits, including improved flexibility, increased core strength, better posture, and enhanced mind-body awareness. It can also contribute to stress relief and overall body toning. Keep in mind that individual experiences may vary. All these things I learned in class and my instructor Michael was amazing, he pushed all of us and was very knowledgeable after 15 years of teaching.

The facility is very welcoming, extremely clean and I didn’t feel overwhelmed. The instructions were very simple to follow and I felt amazing after the 30 minute workout! The membership was a $24 enrollment fee for the intro class and 8x a month for $179. Unlimited is $219 a month. They also have a few specials as well. Call for pricing and in my area(Buford, Ga) it’s a waiting list because classes fill up really fast! You also can download the app and follow the instructions from there. I had a wonderful time and do plan on visiting again! See more photos inside, tips on doing pilates and don’t forget to try a class soon, it’s a lot of fun!

Tips On Doing PilatesĀ 

1. Start with the basics: Master foundational movements before advancing.
2. Focus on proper form: Pay attention to alignment for effective and safe workouts.
3. Control your movements: Emphasize precision over quantity for maximum benefit.
4. Breathe consciously: Coordinate your breath with movements to enhance control.
5. Progress gradually: Increase intensity as your strength and flexibility improve.
6. Listen to your body: Respect its limits and avoid pushing yourself into discomfort.
7. Consistency is key: Regular practice yields better results over time.
8. Consider professional guidance: Join a class or work with a certified Pilates instructor for personalized instruction.

Wearing KoFit Apparel Melanin Goddess Jumpsuit

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