True Confession: Ten Things I Learned From My Mom!

my mom

On my blog you never really read about me and my mom’s relationship and that is simply because we have always had a strained relationship. Over the years I have tried to figure out why we are so distant but after trying over and over again, sometimes I feel like its just best the way it is. My mom Carolyn is a very unique individual and her views and opinions about life are so different from my own. People that know us, say we don’t get along because we are so much alike, I’m not sure lol. I will say this though, she is way more liberal and laid back than I and I have just come to realize that life is short, so I am starting to embrace are difference and know that she is who she is and I am who I am lol.

I went home last week for an event and I got to hang out with my mom for a few days. The first thing that I noticed when I stopped by her house was that she had a new face piercing! The piercing was on her cheekbone and I looked in shocked and asked her did it hurt lol. She answered no and that this was her 8th piercing lol. My mom has always been eccentric with her style of dress, hairdos and other things but I would have never guessed in a million years that she would get a face piercing lol. She also loves tattoos and has 5 I think lol. I don’t have any.

I guess I’m the boring one out of the bunch and mom is living her life right? When I am home here in Atlanta, my mom may call me maybe every 3 months or so, if that but when I am in town, she calls my phone non-stop daily, never figured that out either lol. I asked my husband his opinion on this but he couldn’t really give me a straight answer. Perhaps, out of site out of mind. I’ve tried to figure her out for years with no luck but hey, you only get one mother so I try really hard to enjoy the time we spend together. Inside, I wanted to share ten things that I learned from my mom, I hope you enjoy! 

my mom

I learned to NEVER give up, no matter what the circumstances, keep on keeping on!

Speaking up for myself! My mother is the QUEEN of READING someone, she is hilarious, witty and has a heart of gold but will curse you out in a heartbeat!

To be tidy! My mom’s home looks like it could be in House & Garden, very immaculate, neat, orderly and spotless! I still can only sit in the family room. I snuck and sat on her couch in the living room for a few seconds while she went to the mailbox, tee hee!

I learned the skill of entrepreneurship: When I was very young girl, I watched my mom run 3 businesses for her ex- husband and she did it all in stride while looking fabulous daily in heels and couture outfits!

Appearance is everything: My mom never left the house without her hair and makeup done just right. She believes in looking good, you never know who you may run into!

To take care of my personal business: My mom showed me how to save money, how to balance a check book, make a will, get a life insurance policy and more! She is definitely about her business!

How to have a giving heart: My mom has a giving heart and she’s always doing something for those in need. I love that about her.

The art of gift giving: My mom never believed in going to someone’s home without some type of hostess gift. For birthdays etc she always gives good gifts to dear friends, family, neighbors etc.

Fine dining: Since I can remember, my sister and I have always ate at fancy restaurants and knew how to order off a menu and act accordingly at the table while dining at an early age.

Eye for fashion: My mom still loves fancy designer clothes and shoes. I learned about fashion designers from her. She would take me along to expensive stores with her and buy things and style it up.


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  1. This is such a beautiful tribute to your mom! I know she would be touched to read this. It sounds like she really passed on some wonderful pearls (of wisdom) to you. She is beautiful as well, just like her daughter!

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