What To Wear: Morning Tv Segment

what to wear

I’m running around the city of Atlanta still trying to figure out what to wear for my debut for a morning tv segment next week. Being in television is fun but tricky because you can not wear certain colors like white and not too many busy patterns because it makes the cameras go crazy. That’s why you see lots of news anchors wear basic colors and hardly any prints so they don’t have this issue lol. I thought to put a few looks together on what I would like to wear for my morning tv segment for Atlanta Plugged In. I hope you love these looks and this can give you some ideas on what to  wear if you are ever invited on tv to promote your business or whatever you are asked to speak about! Happy Saturday! xoxo

What To Wear For A Tv Segment


I also loved this look, Im not sure if I can get away with the blouse but I love me a dramatic top, since you are mainly sitting, you need some kinda flare lol.

What To Wear For Morning Tv Segment


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