True Confession: Was It Really All About The Shoe?

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Every since I can remember my mom and grandma always told me to look down at a man’s shoes. If their shoes were nice, polished and neat, then most likely they cared about their appearance and they would also care about you. I think that is an ol wise tale but it does have some truth to it. I often times look down at people’s footwear just to get a feel of their personality and style of dress but I never judge someone because of the brand of shoes they wear.

I have seen celebrities out and about wearing no name brands to high-end labels but it didn’t make me treat them any better or less, its just material things to me at the end of the day and who knows if they were gifted the designer items anyway. People often times think if a person has on designer labels, they are rich and will likely spend money on or with them but don’t be so quick to judge… 

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Don’t get me wrong, I love me a good pair of designer heels just like the next person but I also know that I have a family and can not and will not buy them every time a new lookbook comes out! I just have different priorities than some but if I did have the means to pick up a new pair monthly, I still would be frugal about it. I don’t buy and wear designer things just to get validation, fit in or be accepted, I buy and wear them because I simply like them…point blank!

I wanted to discuss something that happened to me recently. I went to an event and I decided to wear my new Valentino Rockstud heels that I was dying to break in. I love them and they sparkle when you walk! I entered the room and everyone’s eyes went down to my feet. I was looking on the floor around me like someone had lost something, not realizing that everyone was eyeing my shoes lol. Random people started to approach me asking me who I was, for my card. If they did know me, they asked for a photo. The compliments about my shoes were nice but I felt kinda awkward about the whole situation. Was it “me” they liked, or was it my fancy shoes? Designer things are fun to wear but it does bring out the pretentious folks too, I tell yah!

I’ve been in the game for quite awhile and I know when someone is being genuine or when I need to distance myself. I don’t always post things that I buy, I have a secret stash of goodies that I cherish and love all my my lonesome. People think that if you don’t post all your things you buy, that you don’t have them but I am just very mindful of the internet…good and bad. People like to judge you and count your pockets, so take heed to that my friends! I’m no fool and sometimes I just don’t want to share everything. All I am saying is that wearing designer things is really nice but you have to be careful to what “type” of people you draw in when you do. I got treated like “royalty” for no reason at all during that event because of a pair of cute designer shoes, really? Be careful, be smart, be wise. Till next time!  xoxo


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3 thoughts on “True Confession: Was It Really All About The Shoe?

  1. Tami, when people see others in high end brands they tend to think they have money therefore must be ‘somebody’. Epecially ‘our’ people. Such a warped way of thinking. You go to phipps on any day and see ‘us’ in the shoe dept at Neiman’s or Sak’s buying a thousand dollar pair of shoes and I gaurantee you, they probably don’t even have a savings account. It’s sad really, because as a whole.. we’re (and Im not including myself) using the material to validate ourselves.

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