Tweed Blonde Hair: The Perfect In-Between-Seasons Hair Color


It seems like just yesterday it was all talk of golden blonde hair trends, breezy summer haircuts and luminous highlights, but in true summer fashion, the season flew by all too quickly. As summer vacations come to a halt and school starts back up again for many, it’s becoming hard to ignore the signs of the upcoming fall season.

Of course, there’s so much to love about fall, whether it’s the crisp air, seasonal festivals or the fact that the winter holidays are a little less far away. Before you jump straight into pumpkin spice mode, consider taking advantage of the “in between,” where summer fades and fall is just out of reach. It’s a great time to start transitioning your wardrobe, revisit your end-of-the-year goals and, of course, give your hair a refresh! Tweed blonde hair is the transitional hair trend of the moment. Here’s what you need to know. 


What Is Tweed Blonde Hair? 

Whether you’re considering it for yourself, want to recommend it to a client or are simply interested in staying ahead of the trend cycle, it’s important to know what tweed blonde hair means. The term “tweed blonde hair” is a quirky name given to a certain shade of blonde hair. The look is created using various shades of professional hair color in both cool and warm blonde tones. Tweed blonde hair is reminiscent of tweed fabric because the different shades of hair color appear as though they are almost woven through each other. The results offer a beautifully dimensional look that gives off major cool girl hair vibes. 

Tweed blonde hair is neutral, natural looking and seriously flattering. The multiple tones within the look work to reflect light and mimic a gently sun-kissed look, similar to what blonde hair might look like after a summer of nourishing hair masks and lots of beach time. The look doesn’t reject popular summer tones, but rather utilizes them to add a bit of brightness to more fall-friendly blonde shades, which is why it’s ideal if you’re looking for a blonde hair look to take your hair from summer into fall with grace and ease. 


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How to Get Tweed Blonde Hair

This particular blonde look is all about creating a harmonious blend of blonde shades. The process of getting tweed blonde hair should begin with choosing the perfect shades. Depending on the existing hair color, you’ll either want to just add deeper shades or a mix of lighter and darker shades to create the right amount of contrast. If the hair is in need of a lift, apply a professional hair lightener to achieve the correct base shade. It’s important to choose a mix of cool and warm blonde tones to really nail this look; otherwise, it might end up looking one-dimensional. 

When applying color, make sure there is a variation of tones in each section. This look offers fantastic results when colors are melted together amongst sections, so there can be a bit of overlap. Having said that, there should still be some differentiation between shades as this creates the desired woven look. In the end, the hair should reveal the weaving of different shades as it moves or catches the light. 

How to Style Tweed Blonde Hair

Styling is such an important part of this beautiful blonde look! It’s important to know how to style tweed blonde hair the right way so it looks its very best and shows off every single shade used to create the look. The styling process should start with a great care routine. Be sure to use color-friendly formulas and salon quality hair care products like a moisturizing shampoo, deep conditioning treatments and shine serum. These will help maintain hair health and keep every tweed blonde strand looking soft, shiny and touchable.