It’s September, My Daughter Tyra Turns 25 And Ten Things!

There is nothing like wearing nice lingerie! I was at my local consignment store and gave them a few items that I had just laying around. They were so appreciative and that’s when I asked the sales lady what was new in the store. She said, well it’s been a bit slow with items but we did get a ton of lingerie in! It’s actually vintage pieces and that’s when my eyes lit up! I still own a few slips from back in the day and nightgowns from way back when, I hurried to see all that she had and I fell in love with this two-piece silk nightgown set! It was in perfect condition and guess what guys, it was BRAND NEW and in impeccable condition! I’m still trying to figure out when it was made but I loved the little bolero styled jacket that was made with it, so adorable!

I grabbed it up really quickly and when I got to the register, she said it was on sale for $5, I could not believe it! It’s been hanging in my closet for a few weeks but I thought to put it on a take a few snaps in it! It feels so good to the touch and so dainty. This month is already flying by and as I type this, I’m getting ready for my daughter Tyra’s dinner party tonight. She is turning 25 years old and taking a surprise trip to Dubai with her boo very soon. I’m so excited for her and I know she will have a great time! I also put a list of ten things I seen online that I thought you would like. Have a happy and safe week everyone…

  • Fall is right around the corner so that means you have to switch up your skincare products. I love this Confidence in a Cream Anti-Aging Moisturizer by It Cosmetics!
  • You have to follow food influencer Samo Frais/Dope Frais he makes so yummy dishes and the aesthetics are fire!
  • This two-piece lace short set is adorable from Loragal, comes in white or pink!
  • Kween shimmer and sparkle hair & body glitter spray, I hear its really good!
  • Did you know there’s a grocery store with fine groceries and fine foods in Paris, France owned by Louis Vuitton called, La Grande Epicerie Paris
  • Restaurant to try in ATL is called, Southern Fire Kitchen and its open late at night and they have the bomb cocktails!
  • Fun way to have fun with your significant other and get to know them better, Tonight’s Conversation The Card Game!
  • Just fainted when I seen these Lover Girl sandals by Jennifer Le
  • I have my Girls Night In coming up this weekend, we all have to bring unique charcuterie boards! I love Just Jenny’s Boards, they are so pretty and full of life! Follow her for inspiration! Also make sure to stop by to see my full recap from the event!
  • Hotel Coilee has the best rooftop pool and bar area in the city. It’s located in Buckhead and overlooks the city! They will be hosting me for my girly event, stop in to see how gorgeous it is and book a stay!

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