TWT TEA: Dwight Eubanks To Make Appearance On Reality Show Botched!

talking with tami & Dwight Eubanks

I just got some really good tea over the weekend and couldn’t wait to share this with you guys today! Have you all been watching that reality series Botched on E! channel? Well if you haven’t seen it you may want to tune in next season for sure! Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif are two renowned plastic surgeons on the hit reality show that comes on E! If you have not been watching it, it’s really, really good and I can’t believe the patients that come on to get nipped and tucked. Mosts of the people that appear on the show have had some sort of “botched” cosmetic surgery so the two doctors are there to fix it.

I was with a friend the other day who’s also in media, when they randomly started talking about reality star and hairstylist Dwight Eubanks. We all loved him on The Real Housewives of Atlanta first as NeNe Leakes sidekick and then moving on to Phaedra Parks as her event planner. I have known Dwight for several years now and he has always been a really genuine guy. I did notice when talking with him, he makes a funny noise when he speaks and has to gasp for air. It’s because he had a few bad plastic surgeries done on his nose. It left him unable to really breathe properly through his nose. Well, all of that has gone bye bye now because word is, he went on the show Botched recently to get his nose fixed! Get the tea inside!

TWT TEA: From my understanding, Dwight has had at least four failed plastic surgeries on his nose, each time they got worse and worse. The last time his nose completely collapsed! That is probably why we don’t see Dwight out like we use to here in Atlanta but word is he contacted the show Botched and they fixed his nose a few months ago. I’m so happy for him and I’m sure it looks really good and now he can breathe the proper way. Dwight has also had a stem of bad luck and has been arrested several times for minor incidents, maybe with his new nose, it will give him a boost of confidence he needs to get his life back on track. I hear his plastic surgery was filmed for the hit reality show and will air in the beginning of next year. I can’t wait to see his transformation and to tune in to this upcoming episode on E! so check your local listings for time and channel! I’m sure he was hilarious during the filming! Till next time! xoxo

dwight eubanks

Update: Here is a recent image of Dwight! Take a close look, his nose looks way better than before, good for him!


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  1. I liked him on RHOA. That’s when I used to watch. He likes nice things but in the episodes that I watched he didn’t put the others down to get them. He was definitely one of the better friends of RHOA.

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