Kevin Hart For Men’s Health


Funnyman Kevin Hart is ALL over the place, this time he lands the cover of Men’s Health March 2015 issue! I like Kevin I really do but is there such a thing called, OVEREXPOSURE lol? He is in a slew of movies, on tv and all up and down my social media timeline, when will it end lol! In his interview with Men’s Health he gets pretty deep and you can read the excerpt inside! God Bless him for always working though! 

One word that will never be used to describe Hart is “pensive.” He doesn’t take his time answering a question, carefully considering his words. He just starts talking, and somehow finds his way to a point. Which is not a criticism. A conversation with Hart is never boring, and he usually ends up saying something profoundly insightful.

“If you stop, or even if you slow down, you’re going to look up and realize that somebody has passed you,” Hart says of his career philosophy, which presumably also applies to his life in general.

“And that’s my fear,” he continues. “It’s the fear of being passed or caught up to, you know? When you get hot, you can choose to stay hot or you can say, ‘I’m going to take some time off now and relax.’ I don’t see the benefit of that. That’s how you get left behind.”

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