TWT TEA: Has Joseline Hernandez Been Suspended From Love & Hip Hop ATL?

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I was out to lunch with some “industry friends” the other day and we got to talking about blogging and living in Atlanta. Some of you may not know this but Atlanta has a huge influence on pop culture and for some reason, people are very intrigued on what we are doing down here in the dirty, dirty! Good or Bad people log on to see whats popping here and its always something to blog about! Can you name me any other blogs in other states that has as much as we do going on?  Yes Los Angeles is the place for all things entertainment but I find bloggers on the west coat to be extremely boring as hell! Atlanta has the biggest international airport, celebrities are always flying here and spotted around town for movie projects etc. They come here to work, hang out and to get away because noone really bothers them here and we are pretty much unbothered if we see them out and about.

We also do NOT have paparazzi here either. So people can come here and relax. So that is why time to time I give you the tea on your favorite reality stars or celebrities. I like to blog about other things but hey I’m here with these folks and they are forever doing something or giving me something to report on lol! Trust me, I would not write about them if you didnt come to read it either! Its my highest traffic subject lol. I do have other interest and blog about many things but I just so happen to live where a lot of reality stars hang out so there! So let’s get on with the get on! 

TWT TEA: We were discussing reality tv and the new controversial show Sorority Sisters when the subject came up about Mona Scott Young being the producer of the show or not. We were all debating about that topic and that’s when we got on another topic and it was unveiled that “allegedly” reality star Joseline Hernandez was suspended from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta after fighting on the reunion show! My source went on to say that she has NOT filmed any scenes with any of the other cast members and has been put on lock down! Although they fired Althea and Benzino for what reason I don’t know but they played down the fact and kept it hush that Joseline has been indeed suspended till further notice! They have started production already and I know this for a fact. I remember seeing Mimi’s clothes laid out in her home with outfits that she had to film in for the week. Plus she told me they had started taping again. You guys know that Joseline and Stevie J has since moved out of that big mansion too that they were filming in and renting right? That mansion actually is owned by a friend of mine. They never owned it and only lived there for a few months. Thats what I tell you guys about smoke and mirrors! Plus dont Stevie J owe lots of back child support for all those kids? I dont think they will be buying any mansions no time soon.

So to keep the bills paid and to keep up their facade of living the lavish lifestyle, it has been said that Stevie J has been seen filming with non other than his babies mama Mimi Faust! I know Joseline is about to flip her wig! I ran into Stevie J last weekend at Mimi’s house for his youngest daughter Eva’s birthday party. He was very soft spoken and very sweet. Someone at the party very close to the two of them told me, don’t let his demeanor fool yah, he is a very manipulative person. They also reported to me that he didn’t give lil Eva a birthday present either. Mimi paid for the lil girls entire birthday weekend. While Stevie J was present and supportive, he didn’t dish out any cash for the birthday princess , chile! Atleast he was there though and sometimes that’s worth more than money! Hell, I never seen or heard from my dad! Atleast Eva knows who her father is! Till next time! xoxo

Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez

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