TWT TEA: Instagram Frauds EXPOSED!

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You ever followed someone on social media just because they had a HUGE following but then later you thought about it and said to yourself… “hmm do that person really have all those people interested in them and their lives?” Come on, we all have wondered if these pseudo celebrities, businesses etc really have all those followers! I often wonder if they have “bought” their following too! Well late last night, it was revealed on instagram with posts and reposts galore about frauds on instagram!  They are now cleaning up the app and it exposes people when they have literally bought their followers!

I have NO proof and I’m not saying that these people have bought their followers because sometimes celebrities/companies hire people to set up their social media accounts and to update them but still it’s comical and suspect to say the least! You can also tell if people have bought their followers because they will NOT have too many likes but have a lot of followers. You also know you can buy likes too! Lawd! It just does not add up if you really look at it and numbers don’t lie! I do know that some up and coming businesses think it’s necessary to buy followers to make their company seem more “official or legit” but to me, I like to keep it all the way 100 and gain my followers organically! Check out how it all works inside and some people, companies that seem to be a bit fishy! 


TWT TEA: So this is how it works. If you have more than 9999 followers and don’t have that green drop box arrow, most likely you have paid for your followers! Take a look at rapper Lil Kim’s instagram account. She has the drop down arrow on the far right! This is the way a legitimate instagram page should look.

instagram fraud

Then you have reality stars like Porsha D. Williams (just to name a few)who does NOT have the drop down arrow on the far right! See what I mean? Sometimes these celebrities use their followers on instagram to book gigs and to make extra money. They can pitch to potential brands & companies who are not that familiar with how social media works. They just see that they have all these followers and think it’s a great business idea and great exposure, not realizing what’s really going on! People can instagram a companies product and get paid big bucks and the company/brand have no idea that this person has bought their followers lol. They also don’t follow back that many people either because you can’t follow a ghost, bloop! LOL!

Disclaimer: I’m not saying that Porsha is a fraud or anyone else, I am just giving you guys an example of how this works. I have a friend that told me he too has bought followers because he wanted to gain quick exposure and didn’t have time to get them legitimately. Welp, there you have it folks, any thoughts on this? I had a few people leave comments on my instagram last night and state that, well that means that they have a “recommended page” but this is also coming from the same folks who too looks like their page has bought followers as well, so umm…LOL! Will you look at your fav celebs, companies, brands sideways now or will you still follow them? Chime in! xoxo


instagram frauds

Some workout lady that seems to have bought her followers for her fitness business!


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  1. People do strange things for a little bit of change. Really is it that serious. I guess for many it is. IG is just fun. I like pictures and it’s a fun way to share segments of our lives.

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