TWT TEA: Is There A Double Standard In Hollywood When It Comes To Celebrity Scoop?


I was watching a few clips that were sent to me from the new daytime talk show called, The Real today when I noticed that Tamar Braxton started giving some “inside scoop” on rapper Tyga (24) allegedly dating 17 year old Kylie Jenner! If you need the back story, ex-stripper Blac Chyna and Kim Kardashian are best friends and Tyga use to be engaged to Blac Chyna and has a son with her. Now supposedly Tyga has been spotted out with Kim’s sister Kylie. That’s when Tamar went on to spilling some exclusive tea. She said that her sister/songstress Toni Braxton lives across the street from Tyga and has allegedly spotted Tyga and Kylie at the house!

TWT TEA: Here is where I get confused! Is it a double standard when these celebrities who do talk/radio shows/blogs turn to  reporting gossip? Why is it ok when “celebrities” can “spill the tea” on our favorite celebs but when we “bloggers” do it, they lash out at us, call foul or they want to go on a tirade on their social media platforms and blast us for putting their business out there. I know for a fact that Tamar is LEGENDARY for behaving like this. Here she is on a national talk show today giving the tea but she is the main one who hates when someone has anything negative to say about her or her edges or lack of lol! I find this comical and she is NOT the only one. Wendy Williams is another one who does HOT TOPICS but she wants to shut down sites or get upset when someone says anything about her being a tranny etc. Then we now have reality star Porsha D. Williams now reporting the scoop on Dish Nation, see what I mean? Don’t you guys find this to be a double standard with these celebs? You have to be able to dish it out and take the criticism as well as the next person. By Tamar giving that exclusive tea today, I’m sure she will get some kind of backlash from it but we all know that Tamar can be just as messy as the rest! NO shade LOL!

The hosts are calling out all shady behavior in a game of “Shade… No Shade,” and no celebrity is off limits. Watch what they have to say about Tyga and Kylie Jenner’s rumored romance, in this clip.

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