TWT TEA: Lisa Nicole Cloud Victim Of Smash & Grab At Her Boutique


So sorry to report to you guys today that my dear friend and reality star from Married To Medicine, Lisa Nicole Cloud fashion boutique was burglarized the other day! Oh my gosh! I’m so startled to hear this news and her boutique is located in an upscale part of town off in Buckhead off Piedmont. The thieves were trying to steal her flat screen tv mounted over the cash wrap but unfortunately they had no luck but did managed to steal a few items off of the clothing racks. 

lisa nicole cloud

TWT TEA: Lisa Nicole Cloud talked to the Atlanta Journal Constitution and stated that from viewing the video cameras that she has in the store, they were total amateurs. The thieves threw a brick through the glass door and tried unsuccessfully get to the LCD flat screen but they couldn’t carry it too far, so they left it. Don’t you hate a thief? Me too, so sorry this happened to her. They also hit a few more boutiques located next to her store. Friend and fashion designer Reco Chapple’s boutique House of Chapple (which is a few doors down)was spared! Prayers to her and her family. Married To Medicine is geared up to air in a few months. xoxo





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