TWT TEA: Porsha D. Williams Naked Lingerie Launch Party!

porsha williams naked launch

I am taking a long deep breathe this bright and early morning, blessed to see another day! Last night I got home a bit late because I was invited out to tv personality Porsha D. Williams Naked launch party…sigh. Media check in was at 5:30pm and basically all you will see is images of Porsha because NOBODY really showed up! Here in Atlanta the celebrities we do have don’t really respect the media’s time and just kinda drift in when they feel like it. They don’t really think about us standing up for hours on end waiting for them with NO food or water. I guess they think its a privilege to even photograph them or something!

So after about four hours in, that’s what happened last night as most of the media left the party! So as a result of all the tardiness, you see no red carpet arrivals, which pissed a lot of us off because it was a total waste of time! I got there a little after 7pm because I had already had my photographer in place, so no need for me to be there early but when I arrived, I saw the look on the media’s faces and they were not happy. It was a look of frustration and I whispered, “who’s showed up so far” and thats when they said only Christina Johnson from Atlanta Exes, is that show even coming back anyway? LOL! Y’all know I’m a bit older, so a diva wasn’t about to stand up with heels on, so I made my way into the party and sat my butt down! Let’s move on to what was going on inside the party shall we! First off, there were NO cameras/cell phones allowed inside the actual party…sigh again!

porsha williams naked launch

TWT TEA: So inside the venue was a very nicely decorated room that event planner David Tutera put together. This event was for Porsha’s new lingerie line called, Naked that was filmed for his show for We Tv. The room was decorated like an elegant tea party, I was a bit confused. Very pretty decor for a wedding reception or afternoon luncheon with tea but I couldn’t understand the theme. Then there was hip hop music playing which threw off the whole tone of the event completely! I thought he was one of the best event planners in the world? Standing at the bar were four men with silk pajamas on, their faces weren’t too happy either lol.

As a few of my friends and I sat at the table and chatted, we noticed that the crowd was very eclectic. People were doing the most, dressed inappropriately and it was just so off to me. You had up and coming artists on one side, comedians hosting telling jokes to warm up the crowd, then has been and new reality stars in the building. Lots of ol school cats in zoot suits, retired looking pimps, women walking around in very revealing dresses like they were headed to the club afterwards, it was just a lot to take in and we were all sitting there like what in the da hell is this!

Another thing we noticed was that NONE of the Atlanta Housewives showed up, not even Demetria McKinney. I know that NeNe is in NYC but other than that, none of the ladies were there which makes you wonder. Then I forgot that Porsha pretty much doesn’t have any friends on the show. That must be tough. A few Married To Medicine cast members came out and I heard the shade when Quad walked in wearing her “reunion” blue dress and folks started laughing. As a celebrity, it’s really kinda taboo to wear something twice if the world has seen you in such a popular dress lol. Then seated next to me was songwriter and singer Sean Garrett. Chile he was about to slap the dog mess out of the dj because his new artist Avery Wilson(who can sing his butt off) mic kept messing up! Sean just asked the dj, hey what’s up with the mic? The dj gave attitude and it was on and popping! Those two got to arguing it was a hot mess!

Now mind you, we sat and waited for Porsha to make her “grand entrance” but she was taking forever! I looked at my cell phone (which was not allowed inside the venue too…wink) and noticed it was damn near 9pm! We were all like what in the world is going on! She finally came in and took pics etc. The room was not really that packed and everyone gave her slow claps, I was about to pass out! Comedian Rodney Perry said let’s give it up for Porsha one more time. Shid, everyone was hungry and ready to go, and the lil tea sandwiches they had on the table was gone the first 30 minutes we arrived. Porsha welcomed everyone and worked the room.

They kept announcing the lingerie fashion show was starting but it never did, lawd! Then finally after an hour the models came out in Fredericks of Hollywood esque lingerie. I was NOT impressed at all and it was just like any other lingerie you see and buy in a department stores. Lace teddies, two piece bra & panty sets, ok. I didn’t care for the model selection either. I guess she tried it but chile no mam! I wish reality stars would stay in their lane, she is a pretty girl and I can see the hair line, that works for her but being the next Victoria’s Secret or Agent Provocateur, I don’t think so. You may wonder why I’m so harsh on her and that I don’t care for Porsha. I actually do like her and I think she has GREAT personal style but it just bothers me when these celebrities try to come out with clothing lines when it never looks right or it looks cheap. I guess they have to try different avenues and have multiple streams of income, I get it but still. I wish her luck though. Till next time! xoxo

porsha d williams naked launch

At the event Porsha wore a custom piece from Lisa Nicole Collection and Giuseppe Zanotti sandals very cute!

porsha williams naked launch


Images via Robin Lori Photography

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8 thoughts on “TWT TEA: Porsha D. Williams Naked Lingerie Launch Party!

  1. This should be interesting. I Used to live David Tuttera. I guess because of social media they don’t seem as put together as I used to think.

    I like the dress.

  2. LMAO!!! I can’t breathe what in the Fulton Industrial Boulevard, Buford Highway Flea market coonery is this????? GIRL STOP! This post gave me LIFE!! Zoot suit sent me over the edge! That event must have been an utter disappointment to say the least! I agree with you Tami they need to STAY IN THEIR REALITY LANE!!!

  3. Hello, Tami.
    I have been following you for a while and I can’t recall having seen a such a negative post from you. I’m so disappointed! Where you usually seem positive and supportive, here you seem negative and petty. Also, you seem to be criticizing and looking down upon the reality stars’ status yet your next article is a profile of a reality-turned-porn star’s child’s birthday party? This article points out all of the flaws that you observed at Porsha’s event, trashes her new line, mocks the guests, and even attempts to throw shade at Porsha’s status on RHOA. Where is the respect for her hustle and attempt to leverage her 15 minutes to develop other enterprises? I’m not saying that you shouldn’t tell the truth, but where is the balance in this article?

  4. @#4 is was balanced..she ended with a positive comment about Porsha….now…Tami, I didn’t know you had it in you..gurl you gave Funky Dineva a run for her money..your commentary was both funny and entertaining, you had the whole room covered and that’s the type of TEA I live for!!!

  5. Thanks SOMEBODY FINALLY GETS ME!!! Thank you Jesus and it’s meant to be funny and shady all at at the same damn time lol! Giggles and flips Vogue magazine now! Smh! xoxo

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