Tyra In The City Summer Hair Photoshoot

It’s time for summertime fun! Have you seen the latest hair trend, which is bold and bright rainbow colors? I know you guys have seen my daughter Tyra In The City rock multiple layers or vibrant hues of pink, orange, green, blue and so on, she has been a lover of hair color for quite awhile now. Plus she just did a great hairstyle for Rapper Cardi B in bright shades, yes it’s the hottest and latest hair trend out! My daughter recently did a photoshoot with a few of her loyal customers where they rocked lacefronts and extensions in vibrant shades and I must say they all look super cute! More pics inside and if you live in the Atlanta area or plan on visiting, please contact her for your next appointment! Have a fabulous week everyone! 

Model Shaiera

Model Zoe

Model Brooklynn Summers

Behind The Scenes:

Nails: @platinumpinkyz
Lashes: @niyamichele
Makeup: @ksummah
Outfits: @starstricknfashion
Shoes: @dreekacloset
Photos: @redstudios

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2 thoughts on “Tyra In The City Summer Hair Photoshoot

  1. These ladies are beautiful. Congrats to both you on her success. I know she puts in long hours, but as a mom you are always praying and supporting!

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