Tyra’s Boss Brunch In Atlanta

On Sunday, July 21st, my daughter Tyra held her first Boss Brunch in Atlanta! I’m so proud of her and she was excited to speak to young women about how she started her own hair salon and then launched her hairline called, Tyra’s Tresses! She held her brunch in downtown Atlanta and it was a packed house!

She also had two key speakers that talked about the beauty industry and more! I was on grandma duty watching Baby Legend but it was really enlightening to see my baby girl do her thing. Reminds me of when I first started out doing bloggers luncheons, it’s almost like history is repeating itself lol. Check out a few snaps and thanks to everyone for coming out and supporting my daughter. I wish Dootie much success! xoxo

Tyra and Guest Speakers: Lash Tech/Niya Michele, Makeup Artist/Ksummah

GodDaughter Morgan flew in town from Cleveland, they’ve been besties since they were babies!

Images shot by A.C.E. Photography

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