Unicorn Colored Frontal Unit

From time to time my daughter Dootie asks me to help her with coloring her hair. She said she was making a new “unit” and needed me to assist her with some custom colors. I happily oblige and look forward to the end results. Although I am not a hairstylist, I did work at many hair salons back home in Cleveland and owned my own successful nail salon many moons ago. I do love to dibble dabble with hair and come up with suggestions for her when she gets bored with hairstyles.

I also find it funny that every time Dootie changes up her hair color, a few days later all over social media, lots of people try to emulate her same hair color and styles lol. She is definitely a trend setter and likes to be unique, now I see that “unicorn” hair color is all the rage. I wanted her to try these soft pastels many years ago and she said she would get around to it and she finally did! I love how she expresses herself, she is my colorful child for sure. I think the colors are very pretty on her and a cute look for the end of summer! I have a few hair care tips for coloring your hair inside and enjoy more pictures.

To maintain bold hair colors:

Consult with a professional hairstylist

Condition, condition, condition your hair weekly

Trim ends

Only use professional hair care products

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2 thoughts on “Unicorn Colored Frontal Unit

  1. She’s such a beauty. Is that her own hair that she colors? Thinking that all of the colors would be too harsh after a long period of time. Tami, you’re hair is also nice. Are they clip ins or is it a weave?

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