Vision Board: What Came To Light In 2014!


It’s almost a new year guys and I had an amazing year! In just a few weeks it will be 2015, where did the time go right? I made a vision board along with my family on Jan 2014 and inside I give a list of a few things that I wanted to accomplish this year! I will say that 90% of what I wanted came true. I always say when you want to achieve anything write it down first, say a prayer over it and watch it manifest! Check out my check list inside and don’t forget to do yours for 2015, it really works! 


New Car/ Didn’t get it yet, I saved up $8,000 but then my husband got really sick and I had to pay the bills for a few months. He is fine now!

New House/Didn’t get this yet either but within six months we should have something to move into!

A New Book/ I’m still working on this but hardly had anytime to sit down and focus.

Trip To Paris, France/ I’m headed to Europe next Fall, yay!

My very own Chanel Purse/ I didn’t get my own but I did carry one for a week during NYFW thanks Bella Bags!

Trip To White House/ I am still praying I get to go and meet Michelle Obama before they leave office.

Work With Oprah/Own Network I actually did get to do a OWN Network project called, Light Girls, still waiting.  I also met her too!

Savings/ I did real good in this area this year! Proud of myself!

More Readers/ I did gain more readers and had to buy more bandwidth, thanks guys!

More Partnerships with brands/ I worked with a lot of new brands and did partnerships this year, very blessed!

Get Healthy and Fit/ I loss a few pounds but now winter is here, wish me luck!

New Clothing Sponsors/Brands I worked with a lot of new fashion designers and brands, very excited about the relationship!

More Travel/ I went so many places this year omg! Jamaica, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, NYC, New Orleans, Florida just to name a few!

Work With Vogue/ I got to attend a few of their events during NYFW and blogged for them this year!

Red Carpet Correspondent & Hosting Gigs/ I did a few red carpet events and hosting opts, Brahmin, Lincoln, Lisa Nicole Collection Grand Opening etc Yay!

New MacBook Pro/ I have this on my wish list now!

New Cannon Camera/ I have this on my wish list now!

New Glam Squad/ I am working with Alex at MAC and The Green Room Agency, The Virgin Hair Fantasy thanks guys!

More Celebrity Interviews/ I landed a few celebrity interviews this year, it was very busy!

More Sponsored Campaigns/ I did a lot of sponsored campaigns for the site, so happy!

More Tv Appearances/ I did a lot of tv stuff, recently Vh1’s Sorority Sisters, Atl & Co, CBS Better Mornings etc…






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7 thoughts on “Vision Board: What Came To Light In 2014!

  1. Congrats!

    I definitely believe in writing the vision and making it plain.

    You will reach those additional goals in no time.

  2. Congrats on all your accomplishments. I have seen you grow and watched your brand grow as well.I am proud of you. Please keep the positivity alive around so much negative. You are a breathe of fresh air to the media world.
    xoxo Tiffany Riggins

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