Volume Eyelashes With Atlanta Favorite Makeup Artist Day

My daughter has been teasing me about my petty eyelashes and saying how I need to get them done! Ofcourse I looked at her like she had two heads because she wears extremely long eyelash extensions and I do not like them to be that long lol. My grandmother, my mom, me and my daughter Dootie are all eyelash connoisseurs. I took a break from them for awhile. Not because anything was wrong with them, I just wanted to give my own eyelashes a break. I still would wear the eyelash strips for special occasions but yeah.

So Dootie kept on me to go get them done, so she referred me to a young lady who’s a Makeup Artist/Lash Tech by the name of Day. She is located in Decatur, Ga and was delighted to transform my “petty lashes” (as Dootie would love to say) into something more glamorous and that popped. I got there around 10am and was done by 12:30pm. Before you arrive, make sure you have a clean face, no makeup at all. I tell people, it’s pretty grueling to sit there with your eyes shut for two hours but it’s so worth it in the end lol. Make sure you eat and if you’re tired, that’s a good time to go so you can get a nice nap lol. I’m a busy body so I don’t like laying there like that but the conversation was good lol.

I got the “volume lashes” and they last you for about 3 weeks. For the first 48hrs she advises not to take extremely hot showers, visit saunas or do any rigorous activities. Wash around your eyes, not direct water to the eye area, pat face dry. I loved the outcome of my lashes and will be back for a fill-in soon. You usually shed about 2-3 lashes daily, that’s pretty normal. Check out more pics and video inside and visit Day on instagram or her website where you can make an appointment. Tell her I sent yah! 

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