Volunteering At Posie Fields Farm, So Therapeutic & Relaxing


Today was so much fun! I started volunteering at Posie Fields flower farm in Roswell, Ga. You may be wondering what in the heck made me want to do that but I actually find the farm very therapeutic n relaxing. Plus its’ a bonus for me because I get to be around all the pretty flowers! Today I learned about all the flowers, how they grow, when they need to be harvested, how to strip them and finally how to make bouquets!

You have NO idea how much work is entailed with farming fresh flowers, it’s a chore but I like it so far! I tell my friends that want to know more about what I’m doing, that it’s not for the squeamish or someone with allergies because there are A LOT of bugs! You also might see a snake here or there. Yes we are still in the south and its very humid and damp because of all the rain. I’ve also been bitten a few times from all the mosquitos too but yeah be prepared. If you don’t mind getting dirty and muddy this might be something you would like.

That let’s you know too that I really have a passion for flowers and love them. Check out a few pics inside and if you love this farm that I’m at, that has over 9 acres, you can visit on Saturdays with your family where they also have a farmers market with fresh vegetables etc that you can buy. Take a peek inside and see all the prettiness…till next time! xoxo

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