Wardrobe Breakdown: Ayesha Curry On Instagram

I love that Celebrity Chef Ayesha Curry took the time out to get herself together after having three babies with NBA great Steph Curry! She posted a photo recently showing her recent weight loss which was 35lbs. Congrats to her but not everyone was happy for her. Thats the world we live in now, someone is NOT going to like what you do, there will always be naysayers and however she loss the weight if she feels good about it, let her live! I stay in bikinis and people will say well, is that really age appropriate because you are over 52. Well, I didn’t know it was an age requirement to wear a swimsuit lol, If I can still wear them and I will, then so be it! Good for her she looks amazing and not too many people can wear this type of swimsuit after three kids! I have the details on what she wore inside, have a great day and be safe out there!

Ayesha was wearing a Vitamin A Swim two-piece bikini set, so cute!

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