Wardrobe Breakdown: Basketball Wives L.A. Reunion Show

basketball wives

I watched a few seconds of Basketball Wives L.A. Reunion Show but was a bit disappointed in the girls behavior, so I tuned out after a few curse words. My brain cells just can’t take the bickering anymore lol. Shaunie O’Neal, Jackie Christie, Mehgan James, Tami Roman, Malaysia Pargo, Angel Brinks and Brandi Maxie all hit the reunion in some odd looks but I was NOT impressed with most of their outfits.

Sidenote: I met Brandi at a hair event here in Atlanta a few years ago. She had the nerve to say on the reunion show that Tami & Shaunie were the “mean girls” but here in Atlanta at the event, she was very stuck up, snobbish and very stand-offish. She has a lot of nerve and her attitude is not pleasant at all…tah! I’ve been around Malaysia a few times, very nice girl. I have the breakdown on what they wore inside….

basketball wives reunion show

Malaysia Pargo in Balmain dress that I’ve seen a million times on other people but she still looked nice. She wore the dress with Sergio Rossi thigh-high boots. She always has great hair & makeup! Great look for a club party but not a reunion show.

basketball wives la reunion show

Brandi Maxiell in Michael Costello jumpsuit. People online roasted her saying she looked like an extra in a Michael Jackson video. LOL!

basketball wives la reunion show

Angel Brinks in long sparkly gown that I’m sure she helped design since she is a fashion designer, oh!

basketball wives la reunion show

Meghan James in Pink Lucy flirty dress. For her height this look drowned her with all the ruffles and layers.  She was still best-dressed to me.

basketball wives la reunion show

Tami Roman, Lordt! Ill fitting two piece suit, no mam! She kept pulling on the jacket too but the button holes were off centered, it was just a total train wreck but she has never been a fashionista anyway.

basketball wives la reuion show

Jackie Christie needs a stylist soooo bad, I hate how she dresses! What is this??

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