Wardrobe Breakdown: Beyonce At Coachella


Beyonce looked uber cute as she frolicked around at Coachella over the weekend. I was shocked though when I found out how much one of her looks cost to walk around in the dessert lol. Chile, even if I had the coins, would I waist it on designer duds to kick up in the dirt? I don’t know but I have all the deets on her cute look inside! xoxo

beyonce at coachella

Say what??? Beyonce wore a Saint Laurent Bohemian Dress that cost a whopping $4,790. She also paired it with a suede fringe waistcoat that was around $3,190. She also wore Ray Ban shades and black fedora hate and ankle boots. I loved her look but thats about $8,000 wow! Hopefully the whole look was a loaner to wear lol. Either way, she is Queen Bee Im sure this look was a drop in the bucket! I will admit though, if I was browsing the internet looking for outfits to wear to Coachella, this dress would be the last thing I would buy but she made it look very cute! xoxo







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