Wardrobe Breakdown: Emma Roberts Two-Piece Floral Skirt Set On Today Show

Actor Emma Roberts joined Hoda & Jenna the other day to discuss what it was like working on set with Kim Kardashian for “American Horror Story: Delicate Part 2,” and how being a mom improved her relationship with her own mother. Roberts then put her pop-culture knowledge to the test in a game of Don’t Look Back!

On the show, Emma was ready for Spring wearing a two-piece candy colored buttercup blouse with yellow & mint green colors plus baby pink & pale blue skirt look! Its giving a 60’s vibe with a chic matching set mixed languid tailoring that places the easy breezy atmosphere of the decade of signature sense of luxury at it’s best! See more photos and the designer look she was sporting, have a blessed weekend everyone!

Emma was wearing a full Versace Spring 2024 look, cute!

(Photos by: Nathan Congleton/NBC)

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