2024 Disney Dreamers Academy Kicks Off At Magic Kingdom

Yesterday, the 2024 Disney Dreamers Academy kicked off in grand style at Magic Kingdom with the celebratory parade down Main Street U.S.A. It was a huge crowd that watched all the fun! I was there and it was insane!!! This parade is an annual tradition for the Disney Dreamers Academy, and allows all of the participating students to proudly march through Magic Kingdom with familiar Disney pals.

I talked with Vice President of Disney Dreamers Academy, Tracey Powell! I asked her what were her dreams and aspirations as a young adult. She told me that she was not unlike the others. She had humble beginnings growing up in Gary, Indiana. She went on to say that Disney wasn’t a dream of hers. She didn’t really fully understood back then. She said now she is so blessed for all the opportunities and being a part of a great family. She stated that she took the “safe route” but loved acting and the theater. She now still has found ways to still act in the last five years but she is incredibly proud of all the opportunities now!

This year they have actress Dara Renee as the official DREAMbassador! I got a chance to ask Dara what were her dreams and aspirations as a young adult. She told me that she always wanted to be an actress and that she wanted to own a multi national corporation! She wants to have her hands in all facets of media plus own her own radio station, clothing line, music videos, film, tv etc. A lot of people told her that she wouldn’t be able to do it but she said, she is very close to making those dreams come true now! She also said this was her very first time visiting Walt Disney World, wow!

I want to thank Disney for inviting me back for this media preview, I think this is my 15th visit, oh my! See more fun shots inside and check back for even more updates!

Disney’s Dreamers Academy is an educational program hosted by Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.  Disney’s Dreamers Academy aims to inspire and motivate young people through immersive workshops, mentorship, and hands-on experiences.

Each year, around 100 high school students from across the United States are selected to participate in the program.Activities: Dreamers engage in a variety of activities, including workshops on leadership, career development, and communication skills. They also get to explore Disney theme parks and attend celebrity speaker sessions.

Participants are paired with mentors who provide guidance and support throughout the program and beyond. The program features motivational talks from celebrities and industry leaders, offering insights into their own journeys and success stories.

Dreamers are eligible to apply for college scholarships awarded by the program.Community Impact: Many alumni of Disney’s Dreamers Academy go on to make significant contributions in their communities and pursue successful careers in various fields. Overall, Disney’s Dreamers Academy provides a unique and empowering experience for young people, helping them unlock their potential and pursue their dreams.

Images via Disney

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