Wardrobe Breakdown: Gwen Stefani On The Voice

Oh wow, I see that Gwen Stefani changed up her look a bit with this spicy blonde bob! She always comes up with these cute looks that everyone can’t pull off but she does it with so much class! One of my favorite style icons for sure. I loved her total look and I’m loving that multi-print dress it’s so bomb to me. I have the details on what she wore the other night on The Voice inside, stay cute and warm you guys! More pictures inside and the designer…

Gwen is wearing designer D Squared Spring 2017 Collection, so fun!

(Photos by: Trae Patton/NBC) and Vogue

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One thought on “Wardrobe Breakdown: Gwen Stefani On The Voice

  1. I love Gwen’s style (outfits)..they are usually only she can pull off, Kelly had on an outfit Monday, that was SO not her !! Including the hairstyle !! But if Gwen wore the same one, it would be defenitly Gwen..!! Love Gwen & Blake..they need to get married soon, !! We are ALL waiting, as they are so made for each other !! HUGS TO GWEN & BLAKE !!

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