Wardrobe Breakdown: Issa Rae At ‘Barbie’ Premiere In London

Actress Issa Rae joined the rest of her crew at the Barbie premiere in London yesterday afternoon! There was actually two events so she did a quick change into evening wear to strut the pink carpet! Ironically, Issa did an interview with The Guardian and said that…“I hate the color pink. I’ve never thought that I looked good in pink … So this press tour has been ….But I’ve been taking one for the team!”

She went on to say that she was honored to play President of Barbie Land!

I was shocked when she said that but its okay girl, you still look great in the shade! Even if you were being shady to my favorite color in the rainbow lol! She went for a more retro pink and green wave a-line feathery mini-dress and I loved how it all came together! See more photos and the designer of the frock inside….

Issa was wearing a PatBo wave a-line mini dress, cute!




Images via Warner Bros



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