Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For The Prissy Girl

Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday! I just love the idea of it plus it means LOVE! It all started with me when I was a young girl and my mom would make gift baskets for my sister and I. She did this throughout our childhood. Occasionally even now she will send me cute things. That’s when I decided to carry on the tradition with my own family. And do you know that my kids still expect a Valentine’s Day gift till this day lol! Its so annoying but cute and they’re good and grown now lol!

I’ve always loved heart-shaped things and if you’ve ever noticed, I’ve always worn a heart-shape diamond necklace. My daughter and I love hearts and she has several heart-shape tattoos. I put together a Valentine’s Day gift guide for you inside. If you plan on staying home and just watching Netflix with your sweetheart or going out for a romantic date, to hanging out with your girlfriends, there is something for you, I hope you enjoy…


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