Wardrobe Breakdown: Jai Nice Instagram Look

jai nice

I’ve been following boutique owner and stylist Jai Nice for a minute now. I recently found out that she is also from my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio and moved out west (Los Angeles) to pursue her dreams in the fashion industry. She has an online boutique called, Kloset Envy that is extremely popular as well. I really like her style, its always fun & flirty and I’m sure the millennials really enjoy how she plays with fashion.

Its a bit too youthful for me but I’m sure some of my younger readers out there can relate to her. Check her out on Instagram where she always stays in the latest fashions and haute¬†shoes and her visit her online boutique which has some really cute styles! I have the details on this cute spring look she’s wearing inside…

jai nice

Moschino quilted bomber jacket and shades, Kira Nacole skater skirt and Monika Chiang strappy sandals. Love her total look.

jai nice


Images via Instagram

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