Wardrobe Breakdown: Kamala Harris’ Nieces Amara & Leela Ajagu At Inauguration

How adorable are Kamala’s great-nieces Amara(4-years-old) & Leela Ajagu(2-years-old) both (daughters of her niece Meena Harris). They stole the show at the Inauguration yesterday and everyone was talking about their drip lol. They wore custom faux fur plush leopard coats that looked almost identical to what their great-aunt wore in a throwback photo lol.

I don’t why looking at all these photos remind me of my grandson because he don’t care what is going on, he just wants to have fun lol! Check out more pics of their cute iconic photos plus who made their fur jackets that also made history too! Have a great day! 

Kamala Harris back in the day in her leopard print fur jacket

Amara with Former First Lady Hilary Clinton

Kamala with great niece Amara, jackets were custom made by I Love Plum



Images via Instagram/Twitter






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