Wardrobe Breakdown: Katy Perry On ‘American Idol’ Audition Performances

I’m going to give you are quick recap of American Idol’s audition performances before I tell yah what Katy was wearing, you know she’s a style icon and always wear fun clothing on the show! Sara Beth is a mother of three and an accidental American Idol, Tanner Charles wrote a love song for his girlfriend, Adin Boyer is a musical genius with a powerful song, We Ani’s speaking voice and singing voice sounded like two different people, Country radio DJ Marybeth Byrd wants to be a country superstar, Lionel Richie had folks singing All Night Long, Olivia Soli received high praises from Lionel Richie for singing “Hello”, A singer wrote an emotional song to honor his mom’s life, Keelin had the most fun audition and best original song ever, after a horrible car crash Elijah McCormick had to learn how to walk, talk and sing again and Katy wanted Emma Busse to lose the Broadway voice and come to Hollywood.

On the show Katy wore a fun strapless shroom belated checked wool maxi dress ensemble that I was digging! She completed her look with wavy hair and silver accessories, really loving the cuff earring! I have yet to try to wear those although they are pretty popular! See more photos and the designer look the pop star was wearing inside…

Katy was wearing a shroom belted checked wool maxi dress by Rave Review, The Carlotta cross necklace by Vanessa Mooney and Hope Triple hoop ear cuff by Mara Paris, cute!



(ABC/Eric McCandless), Michael Anthony

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