Wardrobe Breakdown: Katy Perry On Good Morning America

“Swish Swish” singer Katy Perry made an appearance on Good Morning America this week looking pretty stylish.She is a bright young lady and reminds me of my daughter with all her cool hair colors and outfits, she is always so fun and full of life! I liked her purple ensemble and have the details on what she wore on the daytime morning show to promote the new season of American Idol, more inside with pics and what she wore! Happy Friday everyone! 

Katy wore a Solace London fluted sleeve striped turtleneck with an asymmetrical leather skirt. Earlier, she arrived in a Saks Potts coat. Shoes are by Fabrizioviti.

(Pics By ABC/Paula Lobo)

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3 thoughts on “Wardrobe Breakdown: Katy Perry On Good Morning America

  1. The spectator shoes Katy Perry wore on GMA on Friday, March 1, 2019, where can a person purchase them by Fabrizio Viti.

  2. Hi, great site! Any chance you could post pictures of her in that metallic blue coat she had on recently?

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