Feeling Lucky, It’s March And 10 Things

I’m feeling EXTREMELY LUCKY this month because first of all, my grandson is due any day now and also because I was touched by an Angel yesterday, yes it’s true! I won’t go into details right now but I just felt it and my day was so awesome! I was in such an awesome mood and me and my family was able to get together for dinner, so fun. Thank you God for all you do! Anyway it’s St. Patrick’s Day this month, do you celebrate it? If so, then you will love this cute monogrammed St. Pattys super soft sweatshirt that I’m wearing.

More details on it inside and also ten things you might find interesting that you can shop for etc inside! Hopefully in a few days you will get a glimpse of “Baby Legend” that’s going to melt my heart and yours very soon, please check back later. Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by! xoxo

Great for St. Patrick’s Day, Cute I Love Jewelry Monogrammed Shamrock Sweatshirt

Love Minnie Mouse, try this Shop Harvey Minnie Mouse Tote, adorable

I love a great jumpsuit, look at this one at Unique Vintage Wide Leg pinstripe, fits amazing!

I’m totally in Glam Ma mode now and this cute handwoven “Moses” basket by Plum and Sparrow is cute for my grandson to be Legend!

GREAT Creamy Tortellini Soup recipe for all the cold weather from Damn Delicious

I burn candles daily, this Sand + Fog “White Cotton” Coconut Wax blend candle smells divine!

Fabulous Serene Slate Collection by Essie

Just ordered these cute string bikinis from Cacique 

If you love dainty and feminine diamond necklaces, check this cute site out by AURate New York 

Solange’s new album, “When I Get Home” features 19 songs, download here

Images by Damar Lewis

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10 thoughts on “Feeling Lucky, It’s March And 10 Things

  1. Your style is so cute and trendy. I’ve been looking for a dainty diamond necklace that would be perfect for everyday wear and AUrate had so many to choose from.

  2. The color of the sweater looks amazing on you! Love all of these pieces. Perfect for spring!

  3. I love personalizing clothing and accessories! The sweater is such a great pop of color! Love your lip color! I definitely need a feminine diamond necklace listed above for a unique fun look!

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