Wardrobe Breakdown: Kelly Rowland At Essence Festival

Singer Kelly Rowland, “told y’all she was going to bump like dis!”. She was on the prowl wearing this leopard catsuit for Essence Festival over the weekend! She is another fun young lady to watch as far as fashion and always gives us different looks! This is a really cute outfit on her and she has the cute lil body to wear anything! Never really seen her wear anything bad at all!

The sleeked back hair and accessories were amazing and her stylist Kollin Carter did a great job with this! Rowland made this animal print look very lavish and unbelievable expensive, and any animal print can be kinda hard to do! She did it with ease and pure confidence! She stays on folks necks lol! See more photos and the designer look she was wearing insideā€¦

Kelly was wearing Roberto Cavalli, cute!



Images via Instagram

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