Wardrobe Breakdown: Lori Harvey On Instagram

If you know me, then you know that I’m a avid thrift shopper My obsession has cooled down a bit but I do stop by a few from time to time to see if I can find some gems.Just last week I stopped in one by my house but they didn’t have anything that tickled my fancy. I donated a lot of my old furniture to one and they were so happy! I have custom drapes getting delivered this week and I think that I will donate my old ones then I am about done.

Anyway, It caught my eye that fashion diva Lori Harvey has her stylist finds her the cutest vintage designer pieces! I loved this backless rust colored dress she wore recently and added a fab shoe, lawd! More pictures and where to find inside…

Its the back for me, lovely!

These heels are amazing yes?

Lori was wearing a vintage Gucci by Tom Ford(Spring 1997 Collection)  t-shirt dress from a shop called, Pechuga Vintage, Chanel accessories, laminated stamped python disco platform sandals by Tom Ford, sexy!


Images by Conrad Khalil

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