Wardrobe Breakdown: Meek Mill At Spice House Restaurant

Happy New Year Everyone! My first post of the New Year! I had the pleasure of meeting Rapper Meek Mill here in Atlanta a few weeks back. He attended the grand opening of Spice House restaurant located in Midtown Atlanta. From my understanding, the “Pain Away” rapper has moved here and has been seen all over the city. At the restaurant Meek walked in with his entourage and was quickly seated in the VIP area. I didn’t actually see him eat anything but he came to support the owners of the Caribbean spot. I walked over and introduced myself to him and complimented him on his yellow fur coat that I was admiring. I told him I was a blogger here in Atlanta and he quickly made a face and said, “say something nice about me” lol. I assured him that I was a “nice blogger” and mainly covered fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

I asked him who made his coat and he opened up his coat to tell me the fashion designer but it was so loud that I couldn’t hear him but the coat was very nice and tailored well. Not too many men can pull off wearing a yellow fur coat but he did it style! I thought my encounter with Meek was sweet and we talked for a bit and took a few snaps before I let him get back to his friends. Thanks Meek for taking a few pics with me and being such a gentleman! More pics inside and hope you guys have a prosperous New Year, Happy 2021!

Meek Mill was wearing a Christian Dior Unisex Wool Long Sleeve Logo Sweater and Yellow faux fur coat

Images b Kong Kalon


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