Wardrobe Breakdown: Rachel Lindsay On The Bachelorette

Are you surprised at the outcome of the Season Finale of The Bachelorette? Rachel Lindsay and her boo Bryan Abasolo are now engaged wow! America was shocked but let’s see how long this lasts because we all know how reality shows are and especially these dating ones. I don’t watch the show but do have details on her sparkly beaded gown she wore during the finale. Her stylists Cary Fetman said, “the gown was the best choice for her”. She was unable to keep the couture pieces but I bet it was amazing to wear it for the world to see. She looked stunning. She also was wearing a 3-carat Neil Lane engagement ring to keep though. Check out more pictures inside and what she was wearing…

Rachel wore a silver beaded gown with a sexy high slit by designer Randi Rahm

Images via ABC and Instagram

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